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In the footsteps of greatness

Follow a route through the life of Nelson Mandela, a man who epitomised forgiveness and reconciliation – and inspired the world.
Read more… 21 December 2013

Easy breaks from Cape Town

When the torrents of tourists on the crowded Cape become too much, find scenic fishing villages, beautiful wine country and dramatic desert less than three hours away.
Read more… 27 March 2013

Cape Town’s ‘lentil curtain’

The peninsula’s alluring mix of space, scenery and proximity to Cape Town has long attracted a free-spirited mix of artists, hippies, surfers, expats and creative professionals.
Read more… 09 August 2012

South Africa's Western Cape: The secret coast

South Africa’s West Coast is still a local secret. With its beaches and fishing towns, it is where South Africans go on holiday and an area where people address you in Afrikaans.
Read more… 03 August 2010

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