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42 travel features tagged “Romance”

Fictional Footsteps

When Harry and Sally met New York City

Twenty-five years after the classic rom-com debuted, the film’s Manhattan locations remain an ideal tour for visitors and locals alike.
Read more… 30 December 2014

Living In

Living in... the world’s best cities for dating

These five cities are made for finding love, thanks to their lively bars, trendy restaurants, outdoor activities – and laid-back locals known for being open to meeting new people.
Read more… 16 June 2014


Paris is making love public, in 160 characters or less

Arguably the most romantic city in the world, Paris is giving enamoured residents and visitors the chance to declare their love on the city’s digital billboards.
Read more… 07 February 2014

Reader Q&A

Reader Q&A: What are Florence’s most romantic spots?

BBC Travel reader Gustavo Saraiva is interested in paying a visit to Tuscany’s romantic capital city in the springtime. Our Facebook community offered their advice.
Read more… 29 May 2013

Mini Guide

Mini guide to romance in Paris

The world’s most alluring city – with its tree-shaded boulevards, lamp-lit bridges, exquisite cuisine and cafe terraces – seduces any time of year or day.
Read more… 11 March 2013

Postcards of love

Little else captures the spirit of Valentine’s Day like the marriage of love and travel. These custom-made postcards are perfect for sharing with the traveller in your life.
14 February 2013

The Passport blog

How travel can improve your sex life

For lovebirds planning to fly the coop this Valentine’s Day, a survey has found that couples who take a trip together have better partnerships than those who do not.
Read more… 14 February 2013

The Passport blog

Navigating the minefield of travel, love and money

Expert advice on how to best tackle financial issues when travelling and get the most out of your next couples vacation.
Read more… 13 February 2013

Mini Guide

Mini guide to coastal Mauritius

Sapphire waters and powder-white beaches have long made it a hit with honeymooners, but the Indian Ocean island is much more than just a fly-and-flop destination.
Read more… 01 February 2013


Parisian bars with a view

The three best places to sip an aperitif while soaking in the views over the French capital.
Read more… 25 June 2012

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