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Gift guide 2012: Books

From a classic adventure tale for boys and girls to an ethnic cookbook for vegan wanderers, these items will inspire armchair travellers to book a flight.
07 December 2012

Gift guide 2012: Apps

From an app that helps make sense of the view to one that acts like a personal concierge, these items will keep even the most connected travellers in touch.
07 December 2012

Guide guide 2012: Clothing

From shoes that feature the work of an emerging artist to a scarf that can double as a flight blanket, these items will help any traveller dress the part.
07 December 2012

Gift guide 2012: Family traveller

From a camera for kid-friendly documentary making to a backpack that includes a changing pad, these items will keep you and your family on the move.
07 December 2012

Gift guide 2012: Cultural traveller

From opera glasses that are as fashionable as they are functional to a self-guided tour of US public art, these gifts will amaze any travelling culture vulture.
07 December 2012

Gift guide 2012: Luxury traveller

From gold-plated headphones made from stain resistant leather to a 22-day private jet tour of the world, these items will please even the deepest-pocketed wanderers.
07 December 2012

Gift guide 2012: Eco-traveller

From a repurposed vintage Swiss Army duffle bag to an app for finding charitable acts around the globe, these items will keep eco travellers feeling good as they do some good.
07 December 2012

Gift guide 2012: Budget traveller

From luggage that is ergonomically designed for backpacking to the perfect lock for hostel stays, these items will keep even the most wallet-conscious traveller on track.
07 December 2012

Gift guide 2012: Adventure traveller

From goggles that can screen phone calls and track a skier’s speed to a phone that functions in extreme weather, these items will impress even the most ambitious explorer.
07 December 2012

Gift guide 2012: Foodie traveller

From a 10-in-one bartending tool to a camping stove that also charges your phone, these items will satisfy any culinary craving.
07 December 2012

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