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Mini Guide

Mini guide to shopping in Lyon

Old Lyon is France’s gastronomical capital – do not miss out on the unforgettable culinary experience of shopping in its famed outdoor markets.
Read more… 04 December 2012

Stepping into Sao Paulo fashion

Since its inception in 1962, Havaianas has sold more than four billion pairs worldwide; put end to end that is enough pairs to go around the world 40 times.
16 November 2012

World’s coolest bazaars

Hunt for the perfect souvenir and soak up the scene while shopping for local wares.
30 October 2012

The ancient medina of Fez

The walls that surrounds Morocco’s best-preserved medina hide a maze of narrow streets, 13th-century buildings and busy markets.
25 October 2012

Mini Guide

Mini guide to shopping in Hong Kong

For variety and competitive consumerism, Hong Kong wins hands down. Local edibles, souvenirs, unusual gifts, period pieces – it is all well worth your conspicuous consumption.
Read more… 15 October 2012

Florence’s fading artisan culture

The working-class Oltrarno district is home to artisans who have been crafting elaborate leather, silver, gold and paper products for nobles and other elites for more than 500 years.
Read more… 11 October 2012

The Oltrarno artisans

Peek inside the studios and shop windows that line Florence’s Via de Michelozzi to discover one of the city’s best-kept secrets.
11 October 2012

Dubai’s luxury shopping scene

In wealthy Dubai, Derek Khan is a lifestyle consultant and personal shopper for some of the world’s richest residents.
28 September 2012

The Passport blog

The fiery rivalry of Caribbean hot sauce

No matter what your temperature threshold, this guide to the region's spicy goodness will keep you from getting burned.
Read more… 28 September 2012

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