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South America


World’s most beautiful canal cities

Explore the picturesque towns where water and pavement intertwine.

Stepping into Sao Paulo fashion


Since its inception in 1962, Havaianas has sold more than four billion pairs worldwide; put end to end that is enough pairs to go around the world 40 times.

Venezuela’s lost world


In southern Venezuela’s tepuis – the sandstone, table-topped mountains that inspired Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle’s novel The Lost World – travellers still feel like 19th-century explorers.
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One day in Sao Paulo


One day in this Brazilian city moves across contrasting worlds of wealth and poverty, from the motogirls to the nightlife entrepreneurs.

Patagonia’s rustic beauty

Stay in one of the region’s ranches, hike through the Andes and explore the Argentinean countryside from the back of a horse.

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South America

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