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Reviving Chile's Andean heritage


An ambitious initiative to restore 31 adobe missions near the Bolivian border is helping to revitalise the fading indigenous culture and open up the region to travellers.
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New fees for visiting South America


A new procedure for paying Argentinean entry fees – plus other visa changes around the region – could keep uninformed travellers stuck at the airport.
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Easter Island’s greatest festival

On this tiny speck in the Pacific Ocean, let Easter Island’s famous stone statues draw you to the annual Tapati Rapa Nui, a vibrant celebration of the island’s Polynesian culture.
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A day at Tapati Rapa Nui

Every year, the inhabitants of Easter Island – one of the most secluded islands in the world – come alive with cultural dances, typical dresses and ancient physical competitions.

The world’s best affordable cities

Your money might not go far in big ticket cities like Paris or Tokyo, but your bills will stretch surprisingly far in places like Guilin, China or Porto, Portugal.

The world’s most remote places

Get away from it all with these destinations that are really in the middle of nowhere.

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