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Surfing the waves of a man-made island

Sentosa, a tiny island off the coast of Singapore, is best known for its largely man-made beaches, scarce natural beauty and unexpected water sports.
Read more… 11 December 2014

The first World Nomad Games

More than 350 participants from 18 countries flocked to the shores of Kyrgyzstan’s Issyk-Kol Lake for the six-day event.
16 September 2014


What hipsters in Paris are playing

Pétanque – the quintessential French outdoor ball game – is traditionally seen as a summertime pastime for older men. But a new festival in Paris is making the sport cool again.
Read more… 21 August 2014

Where football meets sun and samba

In a city that embraces everyone and every cause, tolerance is so encouraged that authorities have hired drag queens to dance in the streets.
11 June 2014

Base jumping: The serene side we’ve never seen

A new video reveals some of the most stunning jumping sights in Europe.
Read more… 08 June 2014

Brazil’s African soul

African culture brought over during the slave trade still influences modern Salvador in myriad ways, from unique art forms to ongoing social struggles.
04 June 2014

A city both genius and outrageous

Brimming with colour and creativity, Recife has launched some of Brazil's most influential artists, writers and musicians.
28 May 2014

A city in the heart of the Amazon

Nestled in the heat and heart of the Amazon, Manaus promises one of football's most diverse and exotic World Cup venues.
21 May 2014

Setting football’s greatest stage

With its incomparable natural beauty, Rio is wonderfully seductive. As the World Cup and the Olympics near, the city prepares for its role as the centre of the sporting universe.
14 May 2014

Rare wakeboarding footage in the wondrous Jeita Grotto

Watch Red Bull athlete, Duncan Zuur surf through Lebanon’s marvellous crystal-filled cave, a sight rarely caught on film.
Read more… 08 May 2014

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