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Entire English town competes in Shrove football

Played every year since at least 1667, England’s Royal Shrovetide Football Match pits residents against each other in a two-day, town-wide game.
Read more… 05 February 2013

The Passport blog

London's post-Olympics plan

After a thunderous summer of drama, noise and sporting glory, the now-famous Olympic venues of East London are getting new lives.
Read more… 19 November 2012

The UK fires up for the Olympics

The official 2012 Torch Relay is set to begin in May, passing through a stellar line-up of the UK’s greatest attractions as it spreads the word about the Olympic Games.
Read more… 28 March 2012

A pilgrimage to England’s ‘home of cricket’

Lord's, a magnificent cricket ground in north London, offers plenty of opportunities to bone up on the complexities of cricket, a quintessential English summer sport.
Read more… 19 July 2012

The Passport blog

In search of the original British Olympics

There is one place to see some old-fashioned Olympian action this summer – and it is not London.
Read more… 19 April 2012

The Passport blog

The UK’s highly unusual athletic games

From conkers and cheese rolling to the noble art of toe-wrestling, a few of 2012’s traditional British competitions do not have Olympic approval.
Read more… 05 April 2012

Sidestepping London’s Olympic crowds

During the summer festivities, get around easily and get some sleep, all while avoiding the maddening mobs and inflated hotel prices.
Read more… 06 March 2012

London’s infectious case of Olympic fever

Join the many locals and visitors flocking for a preview of sports history in the making.
Read more… 14 March 2011

Go to a game in London

Every weekend, thousands of Brits turn out to cheer their favourite team, and the biggest sporting event of all – the Olympic Games – is coming to London in 2012.
Read more… 03 August 2010

The Oxford versus Cambridge gloat race

The most physical display of the rivalry is the annual University Boat Race. Every spring, eight Light Blues (Cambridge) and Dark Blues (Oxford) compete on the Thames.
Read more… 03 August 2010

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