Sega is taking things to a new level in the men’s restroom, trialling a games console that partners peeing and points.

These so-called Toylets offer four different games, the idea being that the faster, longer and more accurately you pee, the higher you score. The games are Manekin Pis, Graffiti Eraser, Battle! Milk from Nose, and The Northern Wind, the Sun and Me. Disturbingly, the aim in that last one is to lift a woman's skirt à la Marilyn Monroe. The adapted urinals can be found at the Sega Mega-Store in Akihabara's Electric Town, Tokyo. They even include a port for your USB key, helping you to keep a running tally between visits.

Brandon Presser is researching Lonely Planet's new Tokyo City Guide.

This article was published in partnership with Lonely Planet Magazine.