Warm but not yet scorching, March and April are the most comfortable months to visit this city of dedicated beachgoers. But before hitting the beach, head to the Tel Aviv suburb of Holon and you might imagine that a petulant giant had dropped his Slinky toy to rust in the Mediterranean sun.

This extraordinary new building was conceived by architect and designer Ron Arad to house the Design Museum Holon. Great ribbons of blood-red and tangerine-coloured steel curl around a space housing exhibitions and collections from Israeli and international designers.

Back in the city centre, Tel Aviv's greatest architectural legacy is its Unesco-listed White City, a collection of around 4,000 buildings in the Bauhaus style popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Many are now being restored after years of neglect. Just along the coast, Tel Aviv's twin city of Jaffa provides a wholly different atmosphere, with traditional Arab architecture in its historic centre.

Make it happen

  • The Design Museum Holon is open Mon-Sat from 10am (£6.50).
  • British Airways, El Al and easyJet fly from London to Tel Aviv (from £150; easyjet. com). KLM flies to Tel Aviv from Edinburgh via Amsterdam (from £290; klm.com).
  • The Cinema Hotel is a restored cinema in Tel Aviv with art-deco styling (from £90).
  • For lunch, dine in the Bauhaus apartment café of Orna and Ella (mains £8-£15; 33 Sheinkin St).

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