New York restaurant What Happens When opened a little over a month ago and they’ve already overhauled the entire menu and decor.

That’s not because people didn’t like the original concept. It’s because constant change is the concept. Every month for the next nine months, the restaurant will completely change up its food, drinks, design, logo and soundtrack.

The restaurant is part of a growing trend of culinary hotspots with multiple personalities. New York's Park Avenue restaurant pioneered the idea changing out its decor and menu to suit the seasons. But a new wave of restaurants are taking the concept even further.

Starting in early April, Chicago's top toque Grant Atchaz will be launching culinary quick changes at his new eatery Next. Four times a year, Atchaz will create a menu capturing a moment in the world's culinary history... or future.  That might mean Paris in 1912 or Hong Kong in 2045.

On the other side of the pond is The Cube, a restaurant that not only changes menus and chefs, it also changes location. Sponsored by appliance giant Electrolux, the futuristic setup will pop up on the rooftop of a different European monument every three months, from the top of Brussels' iconic Parc du Cinquantenaire to mystery locations in Stockholm, Moscow and Zurich.