Now that digital photographs have all but replaced old-fashioned prints, we’re increasingly less likely to have concrete albums of our travels. Thankfully there’s a new crop of personalized artwork to help travellers commemorate significant journeys.

Scratch-off map: A new take on the tried and true map-with-pushpins method of documenting your world travels, this map channels the whimsical fun of scratch-off lottery tickets as the gold flakes off to reveal a rainbow of colors beneath (Flight 001, $24).

Stitching postcard: Part postcard, part needlepoint, these crafty gifts have an old-timey charm. Stitch that road trip route that you took across the USA or all those hostels you crashed in while taking the Eurail.  They come in sets of two, so you can keep one and pass the other along to your favourite partner in travel crime (Uncommon Goods, $10).

Customized map posters: Etsy shop Lindsey Bee creates custom map-based posters with a girly vintage vibe. The map key attaches places to memories, letting you mark the coffeshop where you met that mysterious stranger or that club where you danced till sunrise (LindseyBee, $85).

City prints: Artist Jennifer Hill-Battilana creates vibrant graphic patterns inspired by different destinations. She'll turn these patterns into a custom print, commemorating your trip with the name of the destination, your name, the distance of your destination from your home and a collection of evocative one- and two-word memories from your trip (JHill Design, $65).