German shipbuilder Meyer Werft created this site for cruise enthusiasts who want to configure their own ships.

The road test: We thought the site held great procrastination potential so we got a few coworkers to try designing their own ships.

The highlights: The site allows you to indulge your imagination, allowing for cartoonish proportions and a rainbow of colors.

The speedbumps: Alas, your options are really limited. You can only adjust the length, height, width and decorative colors. We'd love to see more room for customization. How about being able to choose between features like water parks, rock walls or any of the other over-the-top thrills common on cruise ships these days? We'd also love to have the option to email or share our designs on Facebook or Twitter. Oh and then there's the small language issue. The site is only available in German, so you have to click around rather blindly.  

The bottom line: Fun in concept but limited in practice, the site can only sustain at most five to 10 minutes of procrastination. (And this is coming from a committed procrastinator!)