Southwest to cancel more flights, couples head to Barbados for non-traditional baby making, a fatal bombing could hurt Israeli tourism and more. Here are the top stories that travellers are buzzing about:

Southwest grounds 79 planes after emergency landing
After a five-foot hole ripped open in a Southwest Airlines 737-300 jet forcing an emergency landing in Yuma, Arizona on Friday, inspectors discovered previous structural fatigue and widespread cracking in the plane's fuselage, MSNBC reports. The airline grounded 79 737-300s and cancelled about 300 flights Sunday. While 19 planes have already returned to service, inspectors have found similar small cracks in the fuselage of two planes. Southwest expects another 175 flights to be cancelled Monday with inspections continuing through late Tuesday, according to Reuters.

Bombing in Jerusalem could hurt Israeli tourism
Israel capitalised on relative quiet over the last few years to attract a record 3.45 million tourists in 2010, but Israelis fear a bombing in Jerusalem that resulted in the death of a British tourist on 23 March could result in a decline in tourism, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"Whenever we stay out of the headlines, it helps our situation,'' Yossi Fatael, chairman of Israel's Tourist and Travel Agents Association, told the Los Angeles Times. But Israel has received plenty of press lately as tensions have heightened over plans to build hundreds of Jewish homes in East Jerusalem - territory the United Nations could soon vote to become part of a new Palestinian state.

Barbados offers couples fertility holidays
Couples have long headed to Barbados for its idyllic beaches and Caribbean sunsets. But the Barbados Fertility Centre is now trying to lure couples for what it calls a "holiday with a purpose".

The clinic offers in vitro fertilisation procedures and other treatments to increase the chances of pregnancy. Guests/patients stay at "a plantation-style facility". After treatment, patients can go for a "long romantic walk along the white sandy beaches and then enjoy the tantalising tastes of the Caribbean cuisine". Hey, who says fertility treatment can't be a lovely experience? 

"My feeling at this moment is indescribable," he says with glistening eyes. "I talked to my boat and said 'you've been with me 42 years. If we live or die, then we'll be together,' then I pushed on full throttle."

In the CNN article Defiant Japanese boat captain rode out tsunami, Susumu Sugawara described taking his boat into a 20-meter wave during the tsunami that devastated his island, Oshima. In the three weeks since riding the tsunami, the 64-year old has been making hourly trips back to the mainland and providing rides for residents of Oshima, who would otherwise be stranded on the island.

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