Sydney needs another airport, the FAA orders more inspections, Libya offers a warm welcome and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about.

Sydney needs another airport, the FAA orders more inspections, Libya offers a warm welcome and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

Sydney to start scouting locations for second airport
The Australian government has taken a proactive approach to building a second airport in Sydney. Yesterday, a leaked report revealed Sydney - the highest-rated Australian airport - is ranked 67th among the world's airports in customer satisfaction.

Transport Minister Anthony Albanese responded by telling the Sydney Morning Herald that "without action the national economy will be constrained with a negative impact on growth and jobs". Today, the Morning Herald reports, Albanese commissioned a government study due by the middle of the year that will list as many as 10 possible locations for the new airport.

The FAA orders inspections of 80 planes
Southwest Airlines said it expects to "be able to launch a full operation" on Tuesday after cancelling almost 700 flights through Monday. The US airline grounded 79 planes after a five-foot hole in the fuselage forced an emergency landing Friday, but 64 have already returned to service, Reuters reports.

However, the Federal Aviation Administration has now ordered fuselage inspections of 80 older 737-300, -400, and -500 models in the US (most of which belong to Southwest), which could be a lengthy process. Foreign regulators are expected to implement similar orders, grounding 95 planes worldwide, according to The Guardian.

Libya hopes "warm sun, warm hearts" will attract tourists
With air strikes likely to continue for at least six more months, tourists probably won't be flocking to Libya anytime soon. Yet, the Libyan Investment Board continues its unfortunately futile campaign to attract visitors with "historical monuments, forests, towering mountains... and a warm Libyan Arab welcome".

As The Atlantic points out, Libya has five UNESCO world heritage sites and a beautiful coastline, but "bloody revolution" doesn't evoke images of a relaxing holiday. Of course, the pictures that the Investment Board features on its website are far different from what's seen on the news.

Leave your shoes at home
Today is One Day Without Shoes, a mostly North American event to draw awareness to the millions of children around the world who can't afford footwear. So join Demi Moore, Kristen Bell and the Jonas Brothers in walking around barefoot for a good cause.

"Fifty years ago, one nation launched one man, basically as a competition," he remarked. "Today, the three of us represent the many nations of the international partnership that makes up the International Space Station."

In the BBC News article New crew head for space station abroad Soyuz rocket, American astronaut Ron Garan discussed his trip with two cosmonauts to the International Space Station. He and his Russian crewmates launched into space Tuesday, less than week from the 50th anniversary of USSR's Yuri Gagarin launching from the same Kazakhstan station to become the first man ever in space.

The mega retweet
We scour Twitter and publish a standout travel tweet.

"Dad's bionic shoulder and hip sent the x-ray machine into meltdown. He handled the additional screening like a champion. #TuscanVirgins"

The travel writer left for a holiday in Tuscany with his mother, who has only left the US twice, and his father, who has never left the country. Apparently, Mr. Pettersen got the standard treatment from the TSA.

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