Three Cups of Tea author under fire, FAA to change air traffic controller schedules and France halts trains carrying immigrants. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

60 Minutes questions 'Three Cups' author's story, organization
Sunday's 60 Minutes episode centered on Three Cups of Tea author Greg Mortenson's alleged misuse of charitable funds as well as potential fabrications in his famed memoir. Mortenson's bestseller recounts how he became inspired to build more than 170 schools for girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan after climbing K2 and spending time in Korphe, Pakistan.

Three-time Nobel Prize nominee Mortenson denied the claims both in a statement Friday and in an email "to supporters" on Sunday, according to ABC news. The 60 Minutes segment has already polarized online commenters.

FAA announces air traffic controller schedule changes
It only took six cases of snoozing air traffic controllers, but FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt announced the agency will be altering controllers' schedules to avoid fatigue on the job. Babbitt's announcement came on Saturday, the same day yet another on-duty air traffic controller was found asleep, USA Today reports. The changes are set to go into effect within 72 hours of his announcement, though the specifics of the schedule changes are still unknown.

France stops trains with African immigrants
French officials stopped trains carrying North African immigrants at the Italian border on Sunday, a move to attempt to keep them from entering the country, the BBC reports. Italy began distributing temporary resident visas to thousands of Tunsian immigrants last week, which permit them to move throughout the European Union, but France has said migrants have to prove they can support themselves financially.

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