Delta lets you track the location of your bag, a tourist saves the life of a falling baby, non-Muslims are taking "Islam-cations" in Turkey, and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

It's like FedEx tracking for checked luggage
Travellers flying Delta on domestic US (and some international) flights can now find out the status of their bag online. They can learn whether their bag has been loaded on the plane and other information, reports the The Cranky Flier. In more good news, if your bag is delayed by more than 12 hours, you can request a rebate of your checked baggage fee.

Baby saved from a deadly fall by a hotel guest
BBC News reports: "A toddler who fell from the top floor of a four-storey Florida hotel has escaped injury after being caught by a British woman on holiday." Helen Beard had been lounging at the hotel pool at around 9 pm when she leapt to catch the 16-month old girl, who had been left unattended. Let's hear it for Ms. Beard and Good Samaritans everywhere!

Be a Muslim for nine days in Istanbul
In Istanbul, a foundation runs a program where you can pray five times a day and and immerse yourself in Sufi traditions. The program is confusingly called Muslim for a Month, even though it only lasts nine days. And no, you don't have to convert to Islam at the end, reports Guardian writer Riazat Butt.

Spiking oil prices are affecting spring trips
As CBS predicted earlier in the week, rising gas prices are taking a toll on tourism. For instance, Mount Rushmore, drew 14 percent fewer visitors in March to its granite sculptures, the Associated Press reports. Are gas prices affecting your travel plans? Talk with us on Twitter @BBCTravel.

The mega retweet
We scour Twitter to highlight a standout travel tweet.

"I bought a really sexy statue of Jessica Rabbit at Disneyland."

--@hughhefner, the owner of the Playboy empire, who visited Disneyland yesterday. Here's a photo of Hefner with the Jessica Rabbit doll.

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