Industry officials advise US government to alter tourist visa system, EU interior ministers want border controls back, and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

Officials urge US to amend tourist visa process
The US Travel Association announced yesterday a plan to reform the country's notoriously difficult visa process. The plan would also create 1.3 million US jobs and lure in $859 billion in tourism profit by 2020. The idea is to attract "lucrative tourism" from China, India and Brazil, which the US is not currently taking advantage of because of the lengthy and stringent process required to obtain tourist visas, said the association in an MSNBC article.

EU ministers push to restore border controls
In news across the pond, European Union interior ministers are planning to revise the Schengen system to permit individual countries to reinstate border controls. The Schengen system as it currently stands allows for passport-free travel between EU countries. France and Italy, who have been at odds over the issue since Italy granted temporary resident visas to Tunisian refugees last month, are the catalysts behind the measure, according to the Guardian. EU prime ministers and presidents will address the issue as a topic of discussion at a summit next month.

Sushi for the eco-aware eater
A large percentage of fish served in US dining establishments is imported, which can be a point of concern for the conscious eater. The New York Times Style Magazine published a piece on places sushi lovers can indulge without worrying about well, fishy, catching methods. Restaurants that use local seafood in Connecticut, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco are included.

For your Friday viewing pleasure, we (via the Huffington Post) bring you one very creative use of an airport moving walkway: the human bicycle. Those guys must have had one long delay at the airport.

The mega retweet
We scour Twitter to highlight a standout travel tweet.

"I stick to one ice cream cone a day RT @craventravels: Q6. How do you stay healthy & fit while traveling or cruising? #TNI -@rtwdave"

Travel blogger David Lee (Editor in Chief of and, founder of participated in the weekly #TNI (Travelers' Night In) Twitter conversation. It is vacation, after all!

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