United Airlines apologizes, a plane crashes in Patagonia, renting green cars gets expensive in SoCal, and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

United apologizes after 9/11 flight numbers resurface
Unions were not happy when infamous United Airlines flight numbers 93 and 175 - which had previously been retired due to their horrific fate in the 9/11 attacks - were briefly put back into use earlier this week. United apologized yesterday, saying a glitch in the system caused by its upcoming merger with Continental Airlines was responsible for the mistake.

CNN reports the merger of airlines has had other consequences regarding the selection of flight numbers. Many airlines now share codes and select flights more randomly. However, Southwest remains one of the few carriers to have fun with flight numbers once in awhile. For example, the flight number from San Antonio to Las Vegas is 711 in a tribute to the craps table, and some flights to Columbus, Ohio use 1492, the year Christopher Columbus set sail.

Plane crashes in Argentina

All 22 people on board a Sol Airlines flight were killed when it crashed and exploded Wednesday in the Patagonian province of Rio Negro. Argentinean media have reported the plane iced up in air, but there has been no official confirmation from the airline. After seeing a "ball of fire fall from the sky", a man alerted the authorities, the BBC reports. But it was difficult for emergency services to get to the scene due to the fact that it occurred during a cold night in uninhabited, rough terrain, Los Menucos Mayor Mabel Yahuar said.

California car rental company offers Tesla Roadsters.
If you happen to be travelling to Southern California any time soon, and you're tired of renting the standard two-door sedans available from the airport car rental companies, consider going the luxury route with a new Tesla Roadster. Of course, you'll need to have $1,500 lying around. According to the Los Angeles Times, that's how much the electric sports cars run for a one-day rental from Burbank's Hertz Entertainment Services, which just acquired a hard top and convertible. We suggest the convertible. It may be a bit pricey, but at least you're saving the environment.

The mega retweet
We scour Twitter to highlight a standout travel tweet.

"@Astro_Ron Was that U+Endeavor floating across the African sky about 6:15 2night? I think I saw U cruise over me while safari-ing? cc: @nasa"

-@adventuregirl, Travel guru Stefanie Michaels sent a message to astronaut Ron Garan, who tweets often from the International Space Station. While Michaels was enjoying her time in the African bush, Garan was busy helping the space shuttle Endeavour dock at the ISS. Tweeting from the bush, tweeting from space: no big deal.

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