Engineers imagine the aeroplane of 2050, Air Canada staff go on strike, a Victorian-era travel guide for women attempts a comeback, and more. Here's what travellers are buzzing about:

Airbus reveals concept planes for 2050
Airbus engineers have given free reign to their imaginations in their new video of what aeroplane cabins might be like in 2050, reports Aviation Week. Wide views of the sky would be available, thanks to new bone-like walls. Other details, such as the use of aromatherapy to make cabins smell better and hologram projectors to replace seatback televisions, can be seen on the company's "Future by Airbus" website. 

Air Canada strike impact still up in the air
Travellers face delays after 3,200 Air Canada customer service and sales staff went on strike last night. The airline says flights won't be disrupted, but long queues at airport terminals may be expected, reports CBC. The union failed to reach an agreement with the airline over pensions.

A Victorian travel guide for women receives fresh attention
This spring, the Royal Geographic Society in London has reprinted the 1889 guide "Hints to Lady Travellers" by Campbell Davidson. The book was aimed at solo female travellers. It lists advice in alphabetical order, from avoiding accidents to sea bathing etiquette, with recommendations for the best foot-warmers, travel rugs and small flasks for brandy, reports More Intelligent Life. Some of the advice is still practical today, such as how to treat sunburns ("apply sour milk thickly and leave overnight") and how black petticoats are better than lighter coloured ones at hiding stains.

The mega re-tweet
We scour Twitter to highlight a standout travel tweet.

"#Hotels guests may soon be able to enter their rooms w their cellphones. No more key cards - yay!"

--@wanderlust13. Veronica Stoddart, Deputy Managing Editor for Travel, USA Today, tweeted about how some hotels are attempting to use technology to help customers open hotel doors wirelessly. (One method is to send a special tone to a guests's cell phone that can be used to activate a sensor and unlock a door.)