A sun-powered plane gets ready for its close-up at the Paris Air Show, a bird strike endangers passengers on a US flight, and a southern US town questions the effects of cruise ship tourism. Here's what travellers are buzzing about today.

World's first sun-powered plane is set to debut
Solar Impulse, a prototype plane powered entirely by about 12,000 solar cells, arrived in France last night, in time for next week's Paris Air Show. The plane only carries one passenger, the pilot, even though it has the wingspan of a jumbo jet. On the bright side, the motor is as powerful as what the Wright brothers had, The Economist reports. The plane's solar cells can also store energy in lithium ion batteries for nighttime flying. The Solar Impulse and other planes are on view during the show, which runs 24 to 26 June and costs 13 euros for a single-day admission.

Flock disrupts a US flight
Yesterday evening, an American Airlines flight with 127 passengers was struck by more than 20 birds during takeoff from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, prompting an emergency landing. No one was injured. Since 1955, there have been 55 bird strikes of commercial flights that resulted in accidents, reports the Aviation Safety Network. You can watch a recent bird strike of a different aeroplane here.

Are cruise ships endangering Charleston, South Carolina?
The National Trust for Historic Preservation has placed Charleston, South Carolina, on its first ever "watch list" because cruise ship tourism "threatens" the city's historic character, reports Laura Bly in USA Today. This news follows yesterday's announcement that the Southern Environmental Law Center in Charleston has filed suit against Carnival Cruise Lines in state court, alleging that the company is violating local zoning ordinance and state environmental permitting laws.

The mega re-tweet
We scour Twitter to highlight a standout travel tweet.

"Salut Montreal! I look forward to your poutine-filled, jazz-drenched, tamtam-y goodness this summer."

--@legalnomads Jodi Ettenberg, who in 2008 left her job a lawyer to travel the world nonstop, commenting about her first trip to her hometown this year.

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