Travellers like hotels more than last year, airlines less, Australian flights resume, why Hangover II is not so bad for Thailand, and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

Yearly traveller satisfaction ratings released
People are more pleased with hotels, but less happy with airlines than they were last year, according to findings from the American Customer Satisfaction Index released yesterday. The survey, intended to rate customers’ opinions of travel products and services, used input from 2,250 hotel guests and 1,750 flyers. Hilton hotels and Southwest Airlines received the highest satisfaction rationings in their respective industries. For more findings, refer to the story on USA Today.

Ash cloud lifts over Australia, flights back on
Flights in Australia appear to be back on schedule after the Chilean ash cloud looped back around, disrupting the flights of tens of thousands of passengers for the second time in a week. The flights are “gradually resuming”, the BBC reports.

Brit-born Bangkok resident explains why Hangover II isn’t so bad
A Bangkok transplant wrote a piece for Time in defence of the Hangover Part II, a movie many foreigners who call Bangkok home have denounced for its stereotype-ridden portrayal of the city. The essay addresses why certain aspects of the movie might not be as offensive as many have assumed, as well as why Thais and the country’s government, despite being “rightly obsessed about its global image”, might not be bothered by it all.

Hurricane Beatriz hits Mexico
Hurricane Beatriz landed on Mexico’s Pacific Coast yesterday, and the US National Hurricane Center is warning of flash floods in many tourists’ favoured beach locales, according to Reuters. Al Jazeera also reports Haiti is woefully unprepared for the hurricane season. This year’s season is expected to be worse than last year’s.

“Get the hell off the plane as soon as you can. Be happier to be in an airport than you’ve ever been in your life. Bless this terminal! Bless this Subway and this Cinnabon! Ne’er have you seen such beauty on this Earth! Oh, youth! Oh, life! Everything is so great when you’re on the ground. Nothing bad ever happens down here.” – In case you missed it, How To Not Die In A Plane Crash on The Awl.

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