Virgin Atlantic crew are likely to strike, a Southwest pilot broadcasted terrible things to all on board, US Airways lets a scantily clad man fly, and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

Virgin Atlantic prepares to strike
The Virgin Atlantic flight crew is set to strike over pay, ostensibly on 30 June, for the first time in the airlines’ 27-year history. A final announcement as to whether it will happen is expected in the coming days. Planning to fly Virgin soon? Get the details how the strike might affect you in an article from The Independent.

Southwest pilot’s intercom rant recorded
The day after Southwest Airlines came in first for customer satisfaction, news broke of a Southwest pilot’s misogynistic and slur-filled rant about his co-workers, which he accidentally broadcasted to the entire plane. The incident happened in March, according to a Southwest statement released yesterday, after which the airlines suspended him and forced him to undergo “diversity education”. He is now back on the job, and the rant is everywhere online.  

Scantily clad man permitted to fly
Last week we reported about the passenger US Airways staff refused to let on and had arrested because of exposed boxers and saggy pants. Turns out an elderly gentleman wearing a midriff top and matching royal blue women’s underwear with only a translucent white cardigan on top boarded a US Airways flight without problem six days earlier. A picture of the passenger was printed yesterday in the San Francisco Chronicle and has people questioning whether an unfair double standard is at play.

The mega re-tweet
We scour Twitter to highlight a standout travel tweet.

 “VID-No More Baby Pat-Downs? TSA Announces Changes to Kid Screenings…

 -@theblaze reported on yesterday’s Transportation Security Announcement about amended screening policies for children.

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