Air traffic controllers can now listen to the radio to stay awake, more than half of Americans will give up vacation this summer, tips on staying connected without incurring a hefty mobile phone bill and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

FAA agreement in place to prevent snoozing controllers
A new Federal Aviation Administration agreement intended to prevent air traffic controllers from falling asleep on the job requires that at least two controllers be present during night shifts and that all be “well-rested and mentally alert” when on the job, reports the Huffington Post. The controllers also are allowed to listen to the radio or read if they are working at night.

Nearly 55% of Americans will not vacation this summer
More than half of Americans will forgo summer vacation this year, according to an annual survey by Marist Poll. The 45% of US adults who responded that they still plan to vacation is the lowest percentage since the survey first began, according to ABC news.

Roam if you want to
Increased use of and reliance on smartphones, laptops and cloud-based software applications means many travellers find themselves hostages to high wifi and roaming charges. An article on BBC news offers advice on keeping call and data costs down when travelling abroad. 

A man went boating on the Sea of Cortez and ended up rescuing a humpback whale tangled in netting and drowning. Perhaps in return for his favour, she put on a “dance” for her rescuers for miles, as captured in this video on the Huffington Post. 

The mega retweet
We scour Twitter to publish a standout travel tweet

“It takes those of us with two titanium hips and a titanium shoulder a bit longer to get through TSA…” 

-@RumsfeldOffice The former US Secretary of Defense tweeted about his pat-down at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, linking to a TMZ story with photo proof. 

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