The first commercial flight of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner is set for October, JetBlue debuts a three-month "all-you-can-fly" pass, London's bicycle sharing program expands, and more.

The first commercial flight of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner is set for October, US airline JetBlue debuts a three-month "all-you-can-fly" pass, new software can identify fake hotel reviews with high accuracy, London's bicycle sharing program will be expanding, and more. Here are the stories travellers are buzzing about:

JetBlue debuts a three-month "all-you-can-fly" pass
US carrier JetBlue has twice before sold month-long flight passes, with nearly unlimited flying time for a set price. Today it announces BluePass, which is similar but requires each flight to be either to or from Boston or Long Beach airports. Don't live near those airports? You could still take advantage of the deal if you also bought a separate round-trip ticket between one of the two airports and your hometown airport. You could then build an itinerary, using Boston and Long Beach as "hub" airports as you fly around the country. Prices start at $1,299 and are available for travel from late August through 22 November.

First flight of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner is set for October
All Nippon Airways (ANA) says it will be the first airline to offer commercial flights on Boeing's new 787 aircraft. The airline will start selling seats for the first October flight between Tokyo's Narita Airport and Hong Kong within a few weeks on its website. The Dreamliner offers "better pressurisation of the cabin" to increase comfort for passengers and requires less fuel to fly. About 25 other 787s will take to the skies this year on other airlines: Air India, China Southern, Japan Airlines and Royal Air Maroc, reports Aviation News.

New software claims to detect fake hotel reviews
Researchers at Cornell University in New York have announced new software that identifies if a user-generated review is fake with what they claim is 90% accuracy. The software analyses reviews for telltale patterns, such as the overuse of positive adverbs, reports the Consumerist. We can only assume that the anonymous creators of bogus reviews will simply figure out how to defeat the software and continue to post more subtly damaging evaluations of hotels. As always when reading hotel review sites, the best strategy is to ignore the most extreme reviews and use the general consensus of opinion as a common gauge.

London to expand its successful bike sharing program
Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the city's bicycle rental program, and Transport for London says it will add about 2,000 bikes to the east, west and south of the capital, reports Londonist. About 25,000 trips are made on the bicycles ever day on average. The program has been successful enough for its corporate sponsor Barclays to give more money and promise a commitment until 2018. (In a separate, Hertz-sponsored program, you can now also rent electric bicycles in the capital, as BBC Travel has reported.)

Videos from "One Day on Earth" project go online
On 10 October 2010, thousands of people worldwide filmed videos of what life was like on that day as part of a documentary film project. The videos, including editor's picks, have finally been posted online in a map-based format. On Vimeo, you'll find a trailer for the upcoming movie, made from edited clips.

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