The FBI pinpoints a key suspect in a 1971 plane highjacking, parents and kids forgo the road trip to summer camp in favour of chartered flights, laying claim to the armrest early, and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

The tallest active volcano in Europe erupts
Mount Etna in Sicily began erupting over the weekend, spewing flames, lava and sparks up to 250 metres in the air. So far, flights have not been interrupted. BBC News has a video of the eruption.

FBI pinpoints a key suspect in a 1971 plane highjacking
The FBI claims it is following a promising lead in the only unsolved commercial aeroplane hijacking in the US, ABC News reports. In 1971, the infamous fugitive known as DB Cooper threatened to blow up a plane flying between Seattle and Portland, Oregon. He then parachuted out of the plane with $200,000 in hand, never to be seen again. 

Summer camp generates charter flight business
For families with the means, chartering private flights is often the most efficient way to get kids to remote summer camps in the US. The New York Times reports on the trend and details the scene that accompanies it.

“Laying claim to the armrest early is paramount; otherwise, be prepared for an extended session of elbow jousting for the duration of your flight.  Etiquette would see you alternating ownership 50/50, but this is no gentleman’s sport – it’s every man, woman, and needy child for themselves.”

Man on the Lam blogged tongue-in-cheek about in-flight entertainment that doesn’t involved a screen, but turns common plane activities into games.

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