Another budget airline coming to Japan, going on holiday — especially in a warm climate — might significantly lower your IQ, a new algorithm could help combat false travel reviews, and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

Cornell students, professors develop software to detect fake reviews
Leave it to Ivy League brains to come up with something so ingenious. Students and professors at Cornell University have created an algorithm to spot fraudulent reviews on sites like TripAdvisor, Budget Travel reports. As review sites have grown in popularity, overly positive or negative reviews have led to controversy and diminishing trust. If the new algorithm works with anything close to its professed 90% accuracy rate, it could help combat fake reviews. Now, sites just need to start making use of this technology.

Jetstar Japan to become country's newest budget airline
Japan Airlines and Australia's Qantas Airways are teaming up with Mitsubishi Corp to form Jetstar Japan, the newest carrier to join Asia's budget airline boom. The airline is Japan's the third new low-cost carrier to form this year, next to All Nippon Airways’ AirAsia Japan and Peach Aviation. Spring Airlines and AirAsiaX also added flights to the country late last year. Peach Aviation is set to start flying out of Osaka by March, while AirAsia Japan will fly in and out of Tokyo Narita by next August. Jetstar Japan and its fleet of Airbus SAS A320s is set to begin flying domestic routes by the end of 2012, Bloomberg reports.

New York's tallest hotel to be running by 2013

And the newest skyscraper to join the New York City skyline is... a Marriott? Measuring a whopping 752ft high, the Marriott will be New York's tallest freestanding hotel, and one of the larger buildings in the city. Set to open in late 2013, the hotel will be split between the Courtyard, which will occupy floors six through 32, and the Residence Inn, which will take floors 36 through 64.

Taking a holiday can lower your IQ

Giving your brain a rest with a nice beach holiday might seem like a perfect idea after too many months in the office. But according to a pair of professors, going on holiday — especially in a warm climate — might significantly lower your IQ, the Telegraph reports. Inactivity combined with dehydration from the sun, and possibly a daiquiri or two, can contribute to lowering brain cell volume by up to 15%, German professor Siegfried Lehrl said. For men, the problem gets even worse: checking out all those scantily dressed women on the beach can add impaired judgement to already diminished brain cells. Fortunately, after a few days back home brain activity returns to normal.

"The calls have reached a point of repetitive regularity for civil rights lawyer Gadeir Abbas: A young Muslim American, somewhere in the world, is barred from boarding an airplane. ...the traveller has been placed on the government's terror watchlist — or the more serious no-fly list — and clearing one's name becomes a legal and bureaucratic nightmare."

-The Associated Press examines the "tragic, life-altering delays" many Muslim Americans face. Many of the world's more than 400,000 estimated people on the watchlist or no-fly list claim they are not given a full explanation of the reason.

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