A deadly crash prompts Russia to examine its ageing jets, London's most unusual new lodgings opens for booking today, American Airlines introduces pyjamas for first-class passengers, half of Britons say they would pay a premium for "responsible" travel, and more. Here is what travellers are buzzing about:

Sleep in the most unusual lodging in London for 2012
Reservations opened this morning for the chance to book a night in one of several pop-up, artistic hotels to be built on the top of buildings around London in 2012. Each property will come with a distinctive design and offer a panoramic view of London. For example, "A Room for London", will resemble a beached vessel on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank Centre on the Thames River, with one-night stays starting in price at £120 per night. Sign up at the Living Architecture website.

Food delivery comes to airport terminals
Next week, Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport launches a service that allows passengers to order food at the gate, reported MSNBC. The B4YouBoard gate-delivery service has been offered at New York City’s JFK’s Delta Terminal 3 since May. It works this way: download the app, tell it your gate number, order food from the terminal's outlets, pay by credit card and have your meal delivered to you at the gate.

Pyjamas are coming to first class
Starting 1 October , American Airlines will offer pyjamas, slippers and quilted bed covers along with the current pillows and travel kits to first-class and many business-class passengers on selected international routes, reports The Consumerist. The airline has already rolled out the amenities on the London to New York City route.

Russia searches for the black box from jet crash
This morning investigators looked for a flight data recorder in the fractured shell of a jet that crashed on the Volga River yesterday, killing 43 people, including most of one of Russia's leading ice hockey teams. BBC News reported that the Yak-42 crashed soon after takeoff about 150 miles northeast of Moscow. Russia has a relatively poor aviation safety record, with the highest numbers of fatalities of any industrialised nation in the past 12 months. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said the government would take out of service ageing jets.

Half of Britons would pay more for "responsible" travel
A face-to-face survey of 722 UK adults who take vacations at least once a year found that one in two of them would be prepared to pay a premium to ensure their vacations were more "responsible”. The survey, conducted for Travel Weekly, suggests that holiday makers are concerned about poverty abatement and environmental sustainability at destinations.

The mega re-tweet
We scour Twitter to highlight a standout travel tweet.
"Bambuser to live-stream a 24-hour journey through London…and YOU’RE the tour guide - Sept 9-10 http://bit.ly/rbMLL6 #24Live"
-- @bambuser, Hans Bambuser, a technologist from Norway, is taking the concept of "TwiTrips", in which writers go to places recommended to them by fellow Twitter users, in a new direction tomorrow by streaming a live video broadcast of where these users send him real time.

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