Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport trials a new solution for weary travellers, US Congress passes a bill to keep the FAA running and Qantas trials iPads in-flight. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

Napping in a box
GOOD Design posted photos and an article about new airport mini hotels -- seven-feet-deep, nine-feet-high pods made for people on the go to sleep in -- now in use in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport.

Virgin Atlantic Airways to join alliance
Virgin Atlantic Airways has held out from airline alliances this long, but Richard Branson told Forbes that the carrier will join one in the near future. Deutsche Bank is advising Virgin on the merger, and Forbes reports the decision could funnel Virgin more business travellers mindful of frequent-flier miles.

Qantas to trial iPads for in-flight entertainment
Australian airlines Qantas is planning a six-week trial of Apple’s iPad for in-flight entertainment, the Daily Mail reports. The streaming technology will allow passengers to view Qantas’ entertainment on their own wifi devices. Qantas is the first airlines to trial the device for streaming on flights.

FAA avoids second shutdown
The US Senate yesterday passed a bill that extends funding through January for US aviation and highway programs, avoiding what would have been this year’s second shutdown. The first shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration was in July, and Congress’ temporary measure to end the shutdown was set to expire today at midnight, the Associated Press reports.

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