Cleanup is underway in Manila, a hijacker is finally caught after 40 years, a collection of vintage airline ads, and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

Philippines cleans up following typhoon
A powerful typhoon in the Philippines has left about 20 dead with 35 missing. Cleanup is underway in Manila and on the main island, which were hit especially hard. The BBC has the full story on the damage.

Hijacker caught after 40 years on the lam
Forty years after a hijacking that bagged a $1 million ransom and finished with the plane in Algeria, a militant identifying with the Black Liberation Army has been captured in Portugal. The fugitive was arrested on Monday and was also wanted in the US on murder charges, the Guardian reports.  

Vintage airline ads
To mark the recent premiere of the television program Pan Am, which calls upon the glamorous days of jet travel, the New Yorker compiled a collection of vintage airline ads and posted them online.  

The mega retweet
10 things airlines don't tell you:

-- @johnleewriter. The Lonely Planet author shared a post on that includes bits such as, “The fasten seatbelt sign is no joke”. 

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