A 24-hour strike in Greece causes flight cancellations today, the TSA unveils a programme that may shorten security wait times, India gets its first comprehensive GPS map for drivers, Atlantic City will open a Vegas-style mega casino next year, Expedia is fined by the city of Paris for improprieties, and more. Here are the stories travellers are buzzing about:

A 24-hour strike in Greece causes flight cancellations
Today, more than 400 domestic and international flights to Athens have been cancelled. The reason: a general strike by many of the city's workers, who are protesting against the country's austerity measures, reports BBC News. For example, EasyJet has cancelled about 30 flights and is offering passengers refunds. Train and ferry services out of Athens are also disrupted.

TSA unveils programme that may shorten security wait times
Yesterday, the US Transportation Security Administration began to trial a "Pre-check" system that focuses on pre-screening US citizens to speed their passage through security checkpoints. During the four-airport test, selected members of the American Airlines and Delta Air Lines frequent flier programs are invited to fill out questionnaires days, weeks or months prior to travel for speedier processing at airports in Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit and Miami. If successful, the tests will expand to other travellers and other airports.

India receives its first comprehensive GPS-mapping tool
Later this month, Tom Tom will be the first company to launch a detailed GPS road map covering more than 5,000 Indian cities. The device will include standard in-car GPS functionality, such as spoken street names, voice control and touch screen menus. Navigating the roads of India with maps has always been a challenge, and this technology will likely make road-tripping in the country much easier. It is set to sell at shops and online store for about 15,000 rupees, or about $30. 

Expedia is fined in Paris for "wrongdoing"
Naughty-naughty. Online travel agency giant Expedia was ordered on Tuesday to pay 427,000 euros to the national union of hoteliers, restaurateurs, and caterers, as well as to two hotels for "unfair trade", "false tariff reductions" and "false information about the availability of hotels". The defendant was accused of using the sites it owns, Expedia.fr, Hotels.com, and TripAdvisor.fr, to advertise false discounts and to inaccurately report room vacancies, causing economic damage to the affected French businesses, according to Les Echoes. Expedia has not yet said if it will appeal the decision.

Atlantic City will open a Vegas-style mega-casino next year
Always envious of its sexier sister city Las Vegas, casino town Atlantic City, NJ, will unveil the Revel, a $2.4 billion beachfront resort, shopping and gaming complex, in September 2012, reports USA Today. Located mid-beach near the Showboat, the Revel will be a glassy, architecturally cutting-edge structure.


The mega re-tweet
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"The more I travelled the more I realised that fear makes strangers of people who should be friends" ~S. MacLaine #TT #travel"

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