TSA nabs a flier with a sword and other illegal weapons in his luggage, the UK film set for the Harry Potter movies will open to tours soon, airport officials have presented a design for the security checkpoint of the future, Sacramento debuts a $1 billion airport terminal, round-the-world airfare sale launches on SkyTeam, and more. Here are the stories travellers are buzzing about:

TSA nabs flier with a sword and other illegal weapons
Yesterday, TSA workers screening luggage at New York’s JFK airport saw a sword, four sets of brass knuckles and a couple of stun guns disguised as flashlights, packed in a passenger's bag. The items are illegal in New York state and the passenger was arrested. The TSA provided images of the items to MSNBC. For the record, had the passenger been carrying an unloaded firearm in his checked baggage, that would have been legal in New York and most US states.

Is this the airport body scanner of the future?
In Amsterdam, security professionals have debuted a new design for airport body scanners, and it looks a lot like the machine Arnold Schwarzenegger's character passed through at a fictional LAX in the movie Total Recall. The real-life device features "high-tech colour-coded scanning corridors" and depends on pre-screening passengers for division into different risk-groups, reports London's Daily Mail. 

The UK film studio where the Harry Potter movies were filmed will open to tours
On 31 March 2012, tours begin of the Harry Potter sets at Leavesden Studios, located outside of London. If you want to see the classrooms in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and other stage sets, book tour tickets, which go on sale 13 October and start in price at about $40 for adults and $30 for kids, via wbstudiotour.co.uk.

Round-the-world airfare sale launches
The airline alliance SkyTeam is offering up to 33% off standard prices for round-the-world tickets, for travel through 30 June 2012, to promote the launch of its Round the World Planner, a Web tool to plan an ideal itinerary on partner airlines, such as AirFrance/KLM, Delta and Korean Air.

Sacramento debuts a $1 billion airport terminal
The California capital opened a new terminal yesterday, replacing a 40-year-old structure. In the main hall is a 56ft-long sculpture of a red bunny jumping into a suitcase. The airport is currently the fifth-busiest in the Golden State, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

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