A diverted flight keeps passengers on board for more than eight hours, 25 cruise lines have trips on sale, Richard Branson dedicates the main terminal of his commercial space travel project, and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

Passengers stuck on tarmac for more than eight hours
Passengers on an Air India flight were stranded on the plane for more than eight hours at London’s Gatwick Airport. Fog caused the plane to be diverted, but passengers were not allowed to leave, the BBC reports. Some passengers took video footage of the wait.

Twenty five cruise lines put trips on sale
It’s a cruise sale bonanza this week, Time reports. The discounts are part of National Cruise Vacation Week, a marketing campaign from the Cruise Line Industries Association.

“You could probably still get a large group of young, hot women to take a job that involves free flights all around the world.  But those jobs are no longer open, because airlines stopped firing all the old, fat parents. Thanks to a combination of feminist shaming, union demands, and anti-discrimination laws. Moreover, once they no longer fired people over a certain age, union seniority rules immediately started selecting for older workers, in two ways:  layoffs are usually last hired first fired, and older people have a lot of sunk costs in terms of pension accrual and seniority, so they're less likely to leave.  If you fly a major airline, you'll notice very few stewardesses in their twenties.” –The Atlantic editor Megan McArdle responded to economist Glen Whitman’s post, approached from an economics perspective, about the apparent decline of flight attendant attractiveness.

Yesterday, business tycoon Richard Branson dedicated the main terminal of his Virgin Galactic Spaceport America in New Mexico, Gadling reports. The Virgin Galactic’s Gateway to Space will commence commercial space travel in 2012 or 2013.

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