Puertas cerradas -- closed-door restaurants that operate out of a chef’s private home -- are becoming increasingly popular in Buenos Aires, and Max's Supper Club is one of the most creative spots to try.

In conjunction with the art organization Juanelear, Max's Supper Club operates twice a month, serving a five-course meal that has been inspired by an artist. Each dinner, which comes with wine pairings, has a different theme and menu. With murals created by 15 street artists covering the walls, the dining room of Max's Supper Club perfectly reflects the chef’s artistic muses.

The night starts with a champagne reception where guests have the chance to admire and buy the art that inspired the night’s menu. The recent theme of "Fast Food" was inspired by artist Lindo Killer, whose canvas paintings are unplanned and created spontaneously. Each fast food-like dish was given a twist by chef Max – resulting in delicacies such as salmon sashimi pizza and a Hanoi-style beef slider burger. Other recent themes include "Colours", "Juxtapositions", "Forgotten Food", "Magic Spells" and"Sci-Fi".

For most puerta cerradas, reservations are required to attend, and the address is provided only on the day of the feast. Most serve a maximum of 15 people and guests eat together around one large table.

Max's Supper Club stands out because of the variety of its menu and the way it is conceived. Visitors can expect innovative and creative cooking – and since you never know what to expect, a second visit is just as exciting as your first.

Tim Fitzgerald is the Buenos Aires Localite for BBC Travel. He also writes gringoinbuenosaires.com.