Irreverent responses from our favourite travel ninjas.

Name: Tim Ferriss
Title/bio: Author of New York Times bestsellers The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Workweek
Twitter/website: @tferriss |
Born in: New York
Currently living in: San Francisco

1. Where would you rather be right now?
Florianopolis, Brazil

2. Famous person (dead or alive, real or fictional) you’d most like to go on a trip with:
Richard Feynman

3. Tourist must-see you think is actually a “must skip”:
Empire State Building. Too much waiting. You didn’t ask, but the most underrated is an Alcatraz tour that finishes at sunset, when you can look back at the lights of downtown San Francisco from the island.

4. Everyone asks what’s #1 on your list of places you want to go before you die. But what’s your #3?
Indonesia. I’d like to get to Borneo and tickle some orangutans. Totally serious.

5. You’d be mortified if people knew you did what when you travelled?
Sleep with a pink eye mask that sports rabbit ears.

6. Best (or worst) person/people you’ve had to sit next to while travelling:
An old Korean man who insisted on taking five hours to explain the origins of their writing system, hangeul. It was cool for the first 30 minutes.

7. Strangest meal abroad:
Bull penis in Harbin, China. Tastes exactly as you’d imagine. Not recommended whatsoever.

8. If someone was visiting your town, what’s the one thing you’d show them?
If they had decent hamstrings, I’d take them to House of Air (a huge building full of Matrix-like trampolines) at Crissy Field.

9. Your most embarrassing travel faux pas:
Asking my Japanese host mother to rape me (okasu) at 8am the next day, instead of wake me up (okosu).

10. Best celebrity encounter while travelling:
Getting one of the main actors from Epitafios, a great HBO series based in Argentina, to meet up for a photo, which I then gave my parents for their anniversary. It was their favourite TV show at the time.

11. The place you don’t want anyone to know about but are willing to divulge here:
Troncones, a fishing village on the west coast of Mexico.

12. Lay on us a priceless bit of travel advice or wisdom:  
On longer trips a willingness to improvise is more important — and fun — than planning everything to the hour. Get lost. It’s not always something to avoid.