Every Monday a mix of locals, expats and tourists dance to the hypnotic rhythms of La Bomba Del Tiempo, a percussion-based band that improvises each of their shows.

Buenos Aires offers different events every night of the week, but for a truly unique snapshot of the city’s music scene, La Bomba Del Tiempo is not to be missed.

The percussion-based band consists of 17 musicians, and each show is completely improvised, led by a conductor who uses more than 70 hand, finger and body signals to tell the musicians what and how to play. Each concert is different, depending on the interaction between the conductor, the musicians and the crowd.

The first set of each show is percussion only, but for the second set a guest musician brings a non-percussive instrument to the stage – such as a guitar, saxophone, DJ, keyboards or flute – which creates some amazing results. The guest musician differs each week, as does the instrument.

Taking place every Monday at Ciudad Cultural Konex, an old oil factory, the show starts at 7 pm and costs 40 Argentinean pesos if you book in advance and 50 Argentinean pesos on the door. The atmosphere is fun, friendly and relaxed, with a mix of locals, expats and tourists dancing to the hypnotic rhythms. Beer and food are available.

Tim Fitzgerald is the Buenos Aires Localite for BBC Travel. He also writes gringoinbuenosaires.com.