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Amazing things that should happen more often 

Love really is in the air, thanks to a new site that connects love-struck fliers who missed the opportunity to exchange information. It’s missed connections in the skies. [CNNGo]

The aurora borealis played across the skies of northern England this week. The BBC compiled a stunning slideshow of the natural light show. [BBC]

A British skier completed a solo trek across Antarctica this week, making her the first woman to ever do so. [Associated Press] Meanwhile, another extreme travel goal was set with a group attempting a barefoot climb of Mount Kilimanjaro. BBC Travel sends its best wishes! [Gadling]

Ready for takeoff
All set to go, but too soon to tell what’s ahead

Alaska Air has decided to separate church and travel and will no longer hand out prayer cards with meal trays. [Consumerist]

Twitter is preparing for global expansion, and the company announced it will censor tweets by country, based on what is deemed appropriate free speech in that particular nation. For example, in France and Germany, pro-Nazi content is prohibited. [BBC]

With only six months to go until the 2012 London Olympic Games, the Washington Post looked into how preparations are coming along and what concerns remain. Apparently the budget has skyrocketed. [Washington Post]

Hold on folks, we’re in for a rocky ride

25 January marked the one-year anniversary of the Egyptian revolution. A few days later, Egyptians informed some members of US-funded groups that they were prohibited from leaving the country while their organizations undergo investigations. [Reuters]

Landing fees for airlines are projected to cost seven times more at London’s new airport along the Thames than at Heathrow. Officials fear the elevated cost will deter airlines from bringing their planes and business to the airport. [The Telegraph]

It’s a no-go

The aftermath of the Costa Concordia disaster continued to be felt this week, with the reported death toll climbing to 16. [MSNBC] Earlier in the week, it came to light that survivors of the cruise ship wreck were offered a 30% discount off future cruises, news that had social media platforms buzzing with, understandably, very negative feedback. [The Telegraph] Later in the week it was announced that the cruise ship company was offering passengers 11,000 euros in compensation. [BBC]

In the week’s travel warnings, Brits were warned against visiting Nigeria after a reported rise in bombing deaths. [Daily Mail] The US warned its residents of visiting Bahrain before the country’s revolution anniversary. [Reuters]

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