For lovebirds who would rather celebrate Valentine’s Day with something other than flowers and a box of chocolates, these unconventional romantic getaways offer plenty of quirky quarters.

A champagne glass fit for two
At the Poconos Palace in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, you can start your Valentine’s Day with a glass of a champagne and end the night in a champagne glass. 

Suites at the resort swap a standard bathtub for a seven-foot-tall, champagne-glass-shaped soaking tub. Couples climb a spiral staircase to reach the oversized bath, big enough for two and equipped with bubble-making whirlpool jets. The room also comes with other trappings made for love, like a fireplace, a star-studded ceiling and a heart-shaped pool. The champagne tower suite averages $440 per night, which includes all meals and activities, and even a bottle of champagne on Saturday mornings.

Kaleidoscope dreams
The Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin, Germany, has no shortage of quirky quarters. From coffin beds to cages, the rooms in this art project-turned-hotel offer varying levels of adventure.

The Mirror Room is a favourite place for romance; the diamond-shaped space is covered from top to bottom with mirrors of various shapes, turning it into a life-sized kaleidoscope. Rooms start at 79 euros per person and each additional person is 15 euros a night.

Lofty aspirations
While the Mile High Club is usually reserved for couples who have done the deed in an undersized airplane bathroom (at least 5,280ft above ground), lovebirds have a (slightly) roomier option in southern California.

D&D Ballooning in Temecula and Magical Balloon Adventure Rides in La Quinta offer prospective applicants a chance to join the exclusive Mile High Club in a hot air balloon instead, starting at $750. The 60- to 90-minute ride gives couples a private tent, though a close-by captain pilots the basket a mile in the air to make it official. Brave couples get commemorative pins or a certificate at the end of the journey.