Wedding planning certainly tests your tolerance for stress. After your aisle-walking days are behind you, bring on the relaxation at these wellness destinations.

Wedding planning certainly tests your tolerance for stress, but after your aisle-walking days are behind you, it is time to bring on the relaxation. Get your blood pressure back to pre-engagement levels at one of these save or splurge spa honeymoons destinations

Europe high budget: San Quirico d’Orcia, Italy
A honeymoon in the Tuscany region of Italy is a true Italophile’s fantasy. Book a room at the Hotel Adler Thermae in the Orcia Valley, just an hour from Chianti; the view from the outdoor spa pool is right out of a Renaissance painting and the stone grotto pools are enriched with healing salt from the Dead Sea. Indulge in spa treatments from the Treatments for Twosomes menu – an antioxidant-abundant wine bath in the local Brunello would be particularly in the spirit. Spend a week there — ideally during the autumn harvest season when Tuscany is in its grape- and olive-picking glory.

Europe low budget: Istanbul, Turkey
Spa-loving, history-buff honeymooners should spend some time in Istanbul.  After all, Turkish baths have been considered an art form for hundreds of years. Step back in time to 1741 for a scrub under the stately domes of Cagaloglu Hammam, a bathhouse popular among locals, tourists and even Hollywood royalty. The White House Hotel  is a short walk away and has 24-hour room service, an amenity that honeymooners often appreciate. Istanbul’s tulips and poppies are in bloom in April, adding romance to an already romantic city — and your hammam-hopping will require at least a week’s stay. Just note that men and women generally relax in separate sections of the spas.

 Americas high budget: Sedona, Arizona
Sedona — a bold green desert with flora-framing, rich, red sandstone formations — is the perfect place for some post-wedding Zen. Its artistic-meets-holistic vibe tends to attract healers and those wanting to be healed. Connect as a couple with a treatment for two, like the dosha balancing wrap, where you are massaged while swaddled in warm, herbal-infused sheets. The Mii Amo spa at the Enchantment Resort offers a similar treatment to overnight guests. Visit this area any time of year and stay as long as your stress level requires.

Americas low budget: Buenos Aires, Argentina
It takes two to tango, especially in Buenos Aires, the unofficial tango capital of the world. Sign up for lessons at Complejo Tango, which also has dinner-show packages. After a night of dramatic deep dipping, try a Scottish shower (which alternates hot and cold water) at the Relax Spa at the Duque Hotel. This southern hemisphere city of three million is best if you are having a wedding November through March — and you will want to spend at least a week here, if not two.

Caribbean high budget: Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
On “Provo”, as the island is called, the highlight of your honeymoon can be found underwater — there are wild turtles, barracuda, a pod of dolphins may even swim alongside your boat. After a few hours in the sea, honeymooners at the famed Parrot Cay hotel can book Ayurvedic therapy, an ancient Indian tradition that re-stabilizes their body. Turks and Caicos is best for a week, between December and May.

Caribbean low budget: St John, US Virgin Islands
With its lush grounds and 11 tennis courts, Caneel Bay is the honeymoon hotel on St John in the US Virgin Islands. But the premium eco-tent rates at the Concordia Eco-Resort will not set lovebirds back a bundle. Massages are offered in-room or on your private deck. You can also practice yoga with an ocean view for an affordable $10 a class. Visit St John between January and March and stay for as little as a long weekend. Namaste.

Asia-Pacific high budget: Bali, Indonesia
You will want to stay a full two weeks in Bali, where they believe in Tri Hita Karana, a three-pronged life balance philosophy: harmony with God, harmony with fellow humans and harmony with nature. Start your stay at The Villas Bali Seminyak  with a jet lag remedy, complete with peppermint-infused foot bath. (They also often offer massages at their Prana Spa as booking bonuses, so be sure to ask.) Bali is hot-hot-hot all year long, so pack your sunscreen.

Asia Pacific low budget: Phuket, Thailand
The “Thai massage” is such a staple that you will find it on spa menus around the world. But in Phuket, in southern Thailand, you can try to find the best one — a task that is neither a hardship on your body nor your wallet. Even at the spas affiliated with high-end US chain hotels, like the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa, you will pay considerably less than you would elsewhere. The rainy season in Phuket is long, but it stays very warm and relatively dry between November and April. You will want to spend at least a week.