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Amazing things that should happen more often 

The “Linsanity” surrounding the New York Knicks breakout star Jeremy Lin has developed a wide reach. The New York Times came out with a story about Lin’s popularity in China, and CNN reported that some travel agents in Taiwan have set up Lin-centric travel packages to the US, complete with game tickets. [CNNGo] 

Guardian Travel released its second instalment of a new series that features the best travel videos from around the web. This edition featured five travel films from North America, Europe, Papau New Guineau and the unknown, all guaranteed to inspire serious wanderlust. [Guardian Travel]

Last year was one of the best years for on-time US airline arrivals, with close to 80% of flights getting passengers and bags where they were supposed to be within 15 minutes of their scheduled time. [USA Today]

Ready for takeoff
All set to go, but too soon to tell what’s ahead

Welcome back PEOPLExpress! The Virginia-based budget carrier, which hasn't flown since 1987, announced its return to the skies Monday, pending regulator approval. Tickets, which will include an increasingly-rare free seat assignment and two checked bags, could go on sale as soon as soon as this summer. While some are doubtful of the airline's success, COO Miki Morisi makes a compelling argument for the bright future of his airline. [USA Today/Huffington Post Travel]

Eleven months after an earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan, photographers returned to document the intensive rebuilding progress. The result is a series of stunning before-and-after shots of rubble-strewn streets and life returning to normal. [Daily Mail]

Those non-refundable airline tickets you bought and then could not use might not be a total loss after all. A new platform called ChangeYourFlight has found a way to get travellers partial refunds while earning new revenue for the airlines, as well. [Tnooz]

Hold on folks, we’re in for a rocky ride

Authorities evacuated Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport after a bomb threat Monday. Police arrested a suspect, and the airport reopened after they decided he posed no threat, but delays and cancellations plagued the airport throughout the day. [BBC News] 

As mentioned before, it might have been an impressive year for on-time arrivals, but emptier skies helped make the record happen. In 2011, flights by US airlines hit a 10-year low. [Reuters]

It’s a no-go

Armed robbers looted a museum in Olympia, Greece, pilfering artefacts of “incalculable value”. The Culture minister offered to resign over the incident, in which the one guard on duty was tied up and gagged. [Huffington Post]

Rome pulled its bid to host the 2020 Olympics, leaving the five cities in contention: Madrid, Tokyo, Istanbul, Doha, and Baku. Italy’s Premier said the government would not put forth the billions required to host during a time of economic crisis. [Associated Press]

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