Travellers looking for great stories on their favourite destinations now have a new source of free reading material.

Launched on 21 March, Travelreads is a project that aims to compile links to the finest, long-form travel stories that have been published online in the last 20 years. It’s a new subsection of the website Longreads, which started highlighting narratives from other genres, like fiction and tech writing, in 2010. Editors Mark Armstrong, Mike Deng and Jodi Ettenberg curate the travel section with suggestions from readers, who can submit ideas either by using the Twitter hashtag #travelreads or by contacting the website directly. Suggested stories should be longer than 1,500 words and presented on a single, or a printer-friendly, page.

Thus far, Travelreads has highlighted some fantastic travel stories, including Michael Lewis's celebrated Vanity Fair report about Iceland during the financial crisis and Susan Orlean's classic New Yorker article on the backpackers who haunt Bangkok's Khao San Road. The site even offers estimated reading times, to give you an idea of how long a story might entertain you during your flight, train ride or afternoon by the pool.

Site co-editor Ettenberg said Travelreads plans to be a balance of dreamy narratives and "crash courses" on how to make the most of particular destinations. There will be a section for events, such as the summer Olympics and the World Cup. All of the stories can be easily viewed on a mobile device, such as a Kindle and an iPad, by signing up for tools that format Web text for smaller screens, such as Instapaper, Readability or Read It Later.

It’s yet another way to stock up on free travel stories before your next trip.