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Amazing things that should happen more often

British Airways has brought back its 100,000-mile signup bonus for a Chase credit card, meaning 50,000 miles with your first purchase and then additional miles if a cardholder follows a series of steps. It is the "very best current credit card sign-up offer" in the US for travellers seeking frequent flyer miles, according to industry expert Gary Leff.

BBC Travel's most retweeted item of the week was of a piece on how to make the iPhone the only camera you need, by the talented writer Kevin Sintumuang. The key is adding apps like Camera+. [WSJ]

On 15 April, photographers around the world will snap photos for the 4am Project. Images should be uploaded to the photo-storage site Flickr and tagged 4amproject to be considered for an online photo gallery, which will capture what it's like at that hour of the morning worldwide. [Flickr]

Breaking travel news on Twitter

On Thursday, Andrew Evans, (aka @wheresandrew, National Geographic Traveler's digital nomad) was briefly detained by "secret police detectives" in Lilongwe, Malawi, for taking photographs of the hospital where Malawi’s president had apparently died. His tweets confirming the president's death were the first to report the story accurately. [Huffington Post Travel]

In-flight entertainment
Video that went viral on the Web this week

Of all the travel videos we linked to this week, the most favourite one portrayed Buenos Aires as if it were an Inception-style theme park. In one scene, a rotating ride loops in front of the palace balcony where first lady of Argentina Eva ("Evita") Peron once greeted supporters. [Vimeo]

Readers also liked our link to a time-lapse video of Oslo, compiled from 76,940 photos shot from surprising rooftop angles. [Vimeo]

Innovations and improvements that look promising for travellers.

Photographer Trey Ratcliff is offering a free downloadable tutorial on a type of photography called HDR, or high dynamic range imaging, in which multiple shots are combined into one image to capture the full extent of a scene. [Stuck in Customs]

Cyprus expects 600,000 more visitors this year thanks to Ryanair, which began service to the Mediterranean island with a hub in Paphos on 1 April. [Reuters]

The Netherlands will offer free or discounted entry to more than 400 museums on 14 and 15 April. [Museum Weekend]

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