The competition began in Georgia when Atlanta hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics, and now features events like watermelon seed spitting and an armpit serenade.

London’s 2012 Summer Olympic Games may still be two months away, but in East Dublin, Georgia, the competition begins this weekend.

The Summer Redneck Games began in 1996 when Atlanta, Georgia, was home to the summer Olympics. Taking jokes about the Greek games being hosted “by a bunch of rednecks” to heart, a group of volunteers from the East Dublin area (about halfway between Atlanta and Savannah, where the Olympic sailing events were held) decided to show the world what being a redneck really entailed.

With events like redneck horseshoes (tossing toilet seat covers), watermelon seed spitting and an armpit serenade, the games celebrate all the stereotypes that have surrounded rural Southerners over the years. Unconcerned with being uncouth, participants usually dress in white tank tops, overalls, bikinis or no shirt at all, and often end the day covered in mud (the mud pit belly flop is another favourite event).  Winners take home a beer can trophy, along with a year’s worth of bragging rights.

Though the Redneck Games have traditionally been held in July, this year’s celebration was moved to 26 May to avoid the brutal summer heat.  More than 5,000 rednecks and wannabes alike are expected to attend this year’s 16th annual celebration. Admission only costs $5, which goes to support local charities.