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Amazing things that should happen more often

Our most re-tweeted item of the week was titled "25 amazing facts you wouldn’t believe about these countries." Did you know the nation with the average fattest residents is Nauru in the South Pacific? Or that Libya has proportionally more desert than any other country? Who knew that more Malta citizens live outside of the country than inside? [Vi1kram's Posterous]

America's major airports – many of which are in need of refurbishment -- are smartly spending billions of dollars on construction projects. Last month, Atlanta opened a $1.4 billion terminal for international passengers. Later in June, Las Vegas's McCarran Airport will open a $2.4 billion terminal. Throughout 2012, Los Angeles is working on a $1.5 billion international terminal for its airport, LAX. Billion-dollar projects are also underway in Chicago, Dallas and New York City. [NYT]

This week, China made two large travel-related announcements. About 100 more terracotta warriors have been discovered, adding to the nation's collection of 8,000 model soldiers created 2,300 years ago to guard the tomb of an emperor. In other news, officials plan to open two more sections of the Great Wall, to accommodate additional visitors. Until now, only about 30km of the 21,000km-wall were officially open to the public. [Sydney Morning Herald; Guardian]

The 10 hottest new restaurants in London, as picked by Zagat, include the month-old Covent Garden location for MeatMarket, a gourmet burger mini-chain that serves alcoholic ice-shave drinks. We can vouch for that restaurant's Black Palace Burger, a double patty with fried onions, cheese and gherkins. [Business Insider]

In-flight entertainment
Photos and videos that went viral on the web this week

Using an iPad or iPhone to watch video is about to get cooler. A new company, ConditionOne, lets a viewer pan and tilt the video around to get a 180-degree view of the video. The player doesn't require special cameras to shoot video, which means many travel videos could be presented on tablet computers with the immersive, interactive feature. The first travel company to produce videos using the technology will be the US's Discovery Channel. [Vimeo]

Hold on folks, we’re in for a rocky ride 

Airline customer service sank to an all new-low recently, when Skymark Airlines, a low-cost carrier in Japan, handed out "service guidelines" to its flight attendants that make it clear the company does not expect its staff to be polite to customers or help customers load their bags in the carry-on bins. The guidelines even said that "polite language" isn’t necessary. [Time]

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