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Amazing things that should happen more often

British hotel chain Jury's Inn produced an eight-page guide to regional dialects in the hope of easing the confusion brought on by droves of foreign tourists arriving for the Olympics. [The Telegraph]

If you can't make it to London's Royal Geographical Society to view the winning images from the 2011 Travel Photographer of the Year competition -- on display beginning Friday -- you can check out a selection of these stunning images online. [The Guardian]

Airbus and Air Canada combined to complete what they're calling the "perfect flight." North America's first biofuelled flight, which travelled from Toronto to Mexico City, also employed an efficient flight plan to help reduce carbon emissions by 50%. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Ready for takeoff
All set to go, but too soon to tell what’s ahead

Nobu, a high-end restaurant brand, is expanding into the hotel industry and opening their first one by the end of this year. Hotel Nobu will be located within Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas, but operate as a separate entity. The 181-room hotel will Japanese-inspired, and yes, Nobu room service will be available. [Condé Nast Traveller]

The Los Angeles City Council approved a deal for free wi-fi at LAX airport, staring in July. [The Huffington Post]

Hold on folks, we’re in for a rocky ride

Hotel guests apparently can’t get enough Internet. Citing “insatiable demand for Internet bandwidth”, some big-name US chains, such as the Wyndham Hotel Group, are considering charging guests for wi-fi. Others allow those who check in to connect for free, but offer a speedier service for an additional charge, as Marriott International does at some locations. [USA Today Travel]

A camper on a remote island in Norway sent up smoke signals for help after breaking his foot. He did receive help, but he also ended up torching a large portion of the island in the process. [News.com.au]

It’s a no-go

Perhaps this is a bit of news that you would rather stay in the dark about, but the most germ-ridden hotel room spots have been revealed. A team of researchers discovered that the bathroom sink and floor, the remote control and the light switches are hot spots for bacteria. [MSNBC]

Canadian officials were in talks to implement a plan to eavesdrop on travellers’ conversations at airports and border crossings, in order to help keep “unwelcome” people out of the country, like criminals. The outcry that followed after journalists discovered such equipment at Ottawa’s international airport last week has convinced authorities to forgo the plans. [The Guardian]

Seven Transportation and Security Administration employees face termination after an investigation lasting eight months revealed they were allegedly involved in a bribery scandal. The individuals are accused of paying off an instructor to guarantee passing grades on an annual exam. [CNN]

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