On Friday at 8:12 am the UK will ring out in unison, using tiny bicycle bells, belfries and all sizes of bells in between to kick off the Summer Olympics musically.

While the 2012 London Olympics will officially begin on Friday night with the Opening Ceremonies’ lighting of the torch, on Friday morning there will be another kick-start to the massive event, and visitors are highly encouraged to participate.

At 8:12 am across the UK, the country will ring out in unison, as quickly and loudly as possible, for three clangingly cacophonous (or harmonious) minutes.

The Martin Creed’s Work No 1197, as it is officially titled within the busy London 2012 Festival event line-up, is a musical launch of the Summer Olympics. The  melodious happening, conceived by Turner Prize-winning artist and musician Martin Creed, has spawned various gatherings in cities throughout the UK, with muster points and other events around the bell ringing. In London, it will be easy to just stop in your tracks wherever you happen to be and listen to the dings and dongs emitting from bicycle handlebars, belfries and all sized bells in between. But consider also pulling out your keys and adding a little chime to the all noise.