At the CopperWynd Resort in Arizona, guests can book a special toe reading session – similar to palm reading -- for insight into their existing personality traits and their life path.

The eyes may be the traditional windows to the soul, but at one spa in Arizona, it is the toes that do the talking.

At the CopperWynd Resort in Scottsdale, guests can book a special toe reading session, formally known as perscentoelogy. Unlike palm reading, which is used to foretell one’s future, toe reading provides insight into someone’s existing personality traits and the path he or she has taken so far in life.

During the session the therapist explains what each toe represents and how the patient subconsciously views different aspects of his or her life, such as communication style, relationships and work ethic. If the patient wants to change anything, the therapist explains how manipulating the toes and feet can influence one’s life’s direction.

“In perscentoelogy, you create your future,” said Marie Bernat, a holistic practitioner who often performs the treatment at the resort. “You do not look for your hand to predict your future.  You are in control of your destiny.”

The service at CopperWynd, which also incorporates aromatherapy, massage and biofeedback (a technique that reports physiological data back to the client in order to modulate behaviour), costs $249 and usually lasts around one hour 45 minutes.

Those already on their desired life’s path can find plenty of other offbeat feet treatments in Scottsdale. The Golden Door Spa at the Boulders Resort offers a “refloatology” session, similar to reflexology except both the therapist and patient are in a private outdoor pool, and the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain gives a Thai treatment that includes a foot massage with a wooden dowel — all easy ways to pass on the pedicure in favour of a more adventurous treat for the feet.