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Canada’s largest carrier, Air Canada, said that in 2013 it will launch a low-cost airline serving southern US tourist destinations such as Las Vegas. This could be good news for travellers looking for competitive airfare pricing. [Airwise]

US airlines recently achieved best ever on-time arrival records for passengers and luggage, according to the latest Department of Transportation survey. Good weather helped. [LA Times]

Amazing things that should happen more often

Our most re-tweeted item of the week was the news that the free Google Translate app now uses augmented reality to translate foreign-language signs as seen through your smartphone camera. The trick is similar to an innovation pioneered by the paid app Word Lens. The rub: you better have a good data plan and an Internet connection while travelling overseas. [Engadget]

Our other most re-tweeted item of the week was news that the UK-based airline Jet2 is removing debit card payment charges, copying the same move recently made by easyJet and Ryanair. Hope other airlines follow! [WhichBudget and MailOnline]

El Al Airlines mistakenly sold 5,000 round-trip tickets between New York City and Israel at the super-low price of $400. In a good move, the airline will honour the prices, which resulted from a computer malfunction. [NY Post]

In-flight entertainment
Photos, videos and wacky news stories that went viral on the Web this week

Many readers liked our tweet of a map of stereotypes about every US state as generated by Google Search auto complete. Examples include common phrases about Florida, like “so humid” and “so weird”. [No Upside]

It's official! You can find anything you want in New York City, including alcohol-infused sandwiches. Manhattan panini shop Salumè offers to drip a variety of spirits over your finished sandwich. [HuffPostFood]

Hold on folks, we’re in for a rocky ride

In case the broken wing wasn't scary enough on its own, an Alaska Airlines maintenance crew member left this wacky message on this airplane’s wing. [Gizmodo]

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