What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but unfortunately, what goes in the stomach in Vegas does not always stay where it should.

Yet even the roughest morning-after can be cured in under an hour according to Dr Jason Burke, the founder of Hangover Heaven, a 45ft-long bus that treats the side effects of drinking too much with IV therapy. A board-certified anaesthesiologist, Burke studied the science of veisalgia (the medical term for a hangover) to develop a hangover treatment that was fast and portable.

The bus, launched in April 2012, takes advanced bookings as well as cruises the Strip for unfortunate souls, every Friday through Sunday, 8 am to 4 pm, and on weekdays 9 am to 1 pm. Once inside, visitors can choose from the basic “Redemption” package for $99, which includes a standard IV drip to replenish lost fluids, or the “Salvation” premium package for $159, which intravenously delivers anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medicine, along with vitamins to combat alcohol-induced toxins.

Far from being bland and medicinal, the interior of the bus features a flat-screen TV, a lounge area and four private bunks to get a few more minutes of shut-eye. The bus can also hold 10 to 14 people for bachelor parties gone awry. 

As for preventing a hangover in the first place? Burke advises Vegas visitors to stick to clear (gin and vodka), high-end alcohols, and drink at least one glass of water after two to three drinks.