Le Crazy Horse de Paris – the iconic Parisian cabaret – has recently arrived in London with a fun and provocative show that will no doubt replace some of Britain’s famous prudishness with a little je ne sais quois.

The legendary cabaret was founded in 1951 by Alain Bernardin, an avant-garde artist who was fascinated by US showgirls. Over the years, Crazy Horse became known as much for the music, choreography, costumes and artistic staging as for the line up of sexy dancers -- and today the show is as popular with women as it is with men. In recent years, the world-famous cabaret has collaborated with singer Kylie Minogue, designer Karl Lagerfeld and musician Bob Sinclair, among others.

The London pop-up, located in a carpark on the South Bank of the Thames, is open until Christmas Eve (24 December), and the new show, Forever Crazy, includes a selection of the best acts from the original cabaret. Ten classically-trained dancers strut around on stage dressed in Christian Louboutin designer heels and little else -- although clever lighting and breathtaking visual effects makes it hard to see where skin ends and reflections begin, keeping the performance more artistic than sleazy. The female silhouettes sway and kick to cheeky and lively numbers like “God Save Our Bare Skin”, which sees them impersonate British Royal Horse Guards, or “Upside Down”, where a kaleidoscope of legs and arms are reflected in strategically-placed mirrors.

The over-18-only evening of Parisian decadence extends to the venue’s plush cabaret style setting. The antique Belgian mirrored tent is made to look and feel like the original theatre on Avenue George V in Paris, with the dimly-lit reception area decorated with neon artwork by light artist Chris Bracey and life-sized photographs of the showgirls in costume.

Tickets are tiered to accommodate those who want to stand propped up at the bar, relax in a booth or sit close to the action at small tables near the stage. Either way it will make for a crazy night out.

Malika Dalamal is the London Localite for BBC Travel